About us

The company was found in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu Province, Da Neng started its business with the printing advertisement, now the company has also set its feet in the field of documentary, factual entertainment production and distribution. Da Neng has three fundamental objectives: the good faith by book,  sincere service, efficiency wins!

Since 2013, the company’s priority has shifted to production of factual programs. After years long of jointed team efforts, Da Neng has established its reputation as a quality documentary source distributor and a trustworthy business partner.  

The company is working closely with major TV stations and Internet stream video sites in China, that include CCTV, HLJ TV, SMG, Shan’xi TV, Youku Tudou Inc.

At International level, Da Neng is in a long term partnership with well stablished production houses such as Point Du Jour, Lagardere Group, Autlooks, EiE Film, and with broadcasters such as ARTE, ZDF, VGRTK, National Film Board Canada, DR.

In 2015, the manager Mr. ZHI,Hengyi was invited as speaking guest at MIPDOC. The same year, a co-production between DA NENG CULUTRE MEDIA, EiE Film, NDR was released internationally.